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Acacia's twitter icon.

Watercolor - 03:34

Watercolor - "Stick Around" OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

The official 'Stick Around' lyric video by Watercolor.

Acacia Brinley is a famous tumblr/instagram girl.She was born on 22nd of october 1997.She went trough a lot of phases over the years including tumblr girl,wannabe hipster,swag,girly,punk etc.Her fans are called kitties and she loves i mean loves Taco Bell.


  • She dated Sam Pottorff
  • She has two brothers Keegan and Peyton and an adopted sister Maleia
  • She also makes videos for Youtube
  • She has her own workout routine on her instagram
  • She was a lead singer of the band watercolor but they fell apart

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