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Acacia Clark October,2014

Acacia Brinley is a slut and famewhore. She fakes social anxiety and her cuts. She uploaded nudes when she was 13. She got a One Direction fan kicked out of the concert claiming he was "bothering her" while she was on her phone the whole time and did not pay attention. She tries to impress Luke Hemmings of 5sos (5 Seconds of Summer), but he hates her. Michael Clifford runs away from her faster then you can say famewhore. She broke up a friendship (Sam Pottorf and Kian Lawley) and flirted with her former boyfriend's (Sam) best friend (Kian) while still dating Sam. She tries to join the 1d and 5sos fandoms but people shone her out. In other words, SHE'S A SLUT, DAMP PUSSY

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