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Acacia's twitter icon.

Watercolor - "Stick Around" OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO03:34

Watercolor - "Stick Around" OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

The official 'Stick Around' lyric video by Watercolor.

Acacia Brinley also known as Acacia Brinley Clark, is Sam Pottorff's ex-girlfriend. She released the video telling her fans they broke up here. She releases video blogs every week on her channel, acaciacutie even though she is now in a band called Watercolor. She became 'internet famous' by being a tumblr girl and dating Sam.


  • Her twitter account hasn't been verified, yet.
  • She has been on Shane Dawson's podcast, "Shane and Friends" in which she discusses her backstory and more of the "Sam and Acacia" buisness. You can find that podcast here.


The songs Watercolor (Her band) have released. 

(More are to be added)

Stick Around by Watercolor.

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