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Acacia Clark October,2014

Acacia Brinley Clark is a famous youtuber and the first ever Tumblr girl. She is known for her tumblr blog and youtube videos which are pretty popular. She was born on 22nd of October 1997. She had her own band called Water Color but apparently they fell apart because they all wanted to do different kinds of music. Her fans are called kitties and her haters are called doggies.

Facts: Edit

  • Dated Sam Pottorff which made her more famous
  • Has two brothers; Keegan and Peyton and an adopted sister, Maleia.
  • Makes videos for Youtube
  • Has her own workout routine on her instagram
  • Was the lead singer of her band Water Color
  • Is currently dating Benn Suede from the band "Crown the Empire".
  • Got cyber bullied a lot
  • Had her nudes leaked by her ex-boyfriend Sam back in 2012 and got hate but the people who gave her hate for those pictures are the same people that praise some band member's nudes and give him love
  • Has two tattoos
  • Water color (her old band) has their own song "Stick Around" on ITunes.
  • Brinley is her middle name just saying since most of the people think it's her surname.
  • Has over 2 million followers on instagram and 470,023 subscribers on youtube
  • Still manages to smile behind those names she was called
Watercolor - 03:34

Watercolor - "Stick Around" OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO

The official 'Stick Around' lyric video by Watercolor.

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